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Why should you use a carrier-neutral data center?

Enovum has its own meet-me room, as a carrier neutral

Carrier neutrality has become the norm in the data center industry. If your servers are not hosted in a carrier-neutral data center, you are due for an update. Let’s review what it means to be truly carrier-neutral and how it can save you money.

Data center offers many different services. If you are a business and you are looking for a place to host your servers, or if you are reviewing the options offered by your current data center, a term you are likely to hear is “carrier neutrality” or “carrier-neutral data center”. And you should definitely pay attention because carrier neutrality can have a direct effect on the price you will be paying to host your servers.

A carrier neutral data center is a technological infrastructure that allows interconnection between several colocation and interconnection providers. A carrier neutral data center is not binded to one service provider, clients can choose between multiple telcos and Internet service providers. It means that you will have flexibility and most probably, better pricing thanks to this competitive environment.

“If your servers are not hosted in a carrier-neutral data center, you are due for an update”.

In a non-carrier-neutral data center, customers have only one option for connectivity and colocation. If you are a non-carrier-neutral data center, you are exposed to a sudden price increase, limited bandwidth: if you do not like the provider used by your data center, your options will be limited.

On the other hand, carrier-neutral data centers are cost-effective. Since they offer access to several Internet service providers, it naturally creates more competition among them. More competition usually means better prices and better customer service. It also means redundancy, and IT teams love redundancy.

If your current technological infrastructure is not hosted in a carrier-neutral facility, it is certainly time to look for another location.

Enovum’s facilities are 100% carrier-neutral. Enovum has access to all major carriers locally with multiple redundant dark fiber paths from different providers. 

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