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Enovum: a data center built for HPC and AI

Over the past two years, we have built a state-of-the-art data center in Montreal. And we want to serve customers in need of “HPC”, which includes the gaming and artificial intelligence sectors. In fact, we built our technology infrastructure from the start, with the idea of ​​better serving these customers with special needs. If you are looking for a  “GPU as a Service” option, Enovum can help.

Here are the 3 reasons why Enovum can satisfy your HPC and AI needs:


We have several levels of redundancy available. Enovum can custom build a colocation solution, depending on your needs. Large cloud providers offer extreme redundancy, although AI and gaming customers do not  always need it. By building a tailor-made infrastructure for our customers, we offer them computing power at a competitive cost compared to other data centers.


We offer a portal for our customers that allows them to see in real time what the environment in which their computer servers are located looks like, with precise data: environment temperature, voltage, power source and even notifications if ever events occur. Example: if there is a brief power outage, and the generator is on to power your servers, you will be notified within a minute.


Enovum has redundant fiber inputs and meet-me rooms in its Montreal data center. Our customers can connect to several providers directly on site, or outside via dark fiber. Enovum also offers IP Transit, BGP4 services, connections to all major cloud providers like Google, AWS or Azure and Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (“DWDM”) to simplify your deployment.

All powered by hydroelectricity to help you reduce your carbon footprint!

Are you a company in the artificial intelligence or video game sector? Get in touch with us here!

Pierre-Luc Quimper

Founder and CEO


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