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Canadian Colocation

Enovum is ready to deploy your infrastructure within our data centers. Our experts can perform remote hands services that includes tasks such as securing cabling, checking port numbers, observing or reporting indicators on equipment, observation of the environment, and server reboots. Be it a single cabinet, a cage or a full private room we can assist you from A to Z.

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Server racks, private row, pod
Enterprise Colocation

With our newly implemented data halls, our customers have great flexibility for their I.T. deployments. From single cabinets to pods and data halls, we can accommodate your needs now and support your expansion in the future.

Large cabinets: Our cabinets, fully optioned out with extra space for cable management, are a delight to work with. It can accomodate regular servers, blade units and a huge storage array with a lot of space and flexibility.

Meet-me rooms: Interconnecting networks is key in our industry. With meet-me rooms, physical redundancy is swift and easy. Being carrier neutral you can connect your infrastructure to a lot of providers directly via onsite points-of-presence, dark fibers or DWDM waves.

Complete customer interface: With our tailor-made customer interface we can give our customers real time alerts targeting any events and outages that could potentially affect their services. You will be notified in the event of a power outage, generator startup, network bottlenecks, equipment malfunction near your services. The interface also allows for you to monitor environmental metrics and your power usage within your cabinets

Private Pod and Data Halls

Have a greater need for cabinet space, power and cooling? Not a problem. Our team of experts can design and implement a tailored environment for your workloads in a timely manner. We can quickly deploy isolated pods for high density computing with localized cooling and containment.

By using the latest technologies in cooling, we can accommodate an electrical capacity of up to 50 kW per cabinet. Those deployments are made in custom designed pods with in-row cooling. We can offer you private electrical panels and transformers with N, N+1 or 2N configurations powering your infrastructure with the reliability you need.

We can also provide full networking services to interconnect and aggregate your racks using our network engineering team.

Server racks, private row, pod
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Design for HPC

We design and operate flexible and scalable data centers, allowing our clients to embrace their digital transformation

High density

High Density

We are building scalable digital infrastructures allowing support for our client's requirements of today while being able to accomodate their needs of tomorrow

HPC Environment

HPC Ecosystem

We partner with our customers to build their HPC infrastructure, powered by clean hydroelectricity

Transparency for the Enterprise
  • Redundant power solutions

    With flexible power distribution, we can accommodate your most stringent needs for electrical power

  • Extreme density scaling

    With localised in-row cooling, we are able to deploy very high density solutions reaching upwards of 50KW per cabinet

  • Managed service provider

    Our experienced team can deploy your digital infrastructure so you can stay focused on growing your business

  • Transparent utilization data

    Efficiently optimize your deployment and maximize the performance of your data center services with our transparent portal which provides real-time utilization data and advanced analytics