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MTL1 Specifications

Designed and built recently, this facility uses state-of-the-art equipment and concepts to host various types of workloads, be it high-density, high-performance computing or low-density hosting.

Data center Layout
Energy Distribution
Network Infrastructure
Environmental Controls
Safety and Security
Site Transparency
Redundant cooling pumps
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Reasons to choose Enovum

We design, develop and operate data centers with the customer’s needs in mind.
Scale, speed and reliability are key points we value to bring you the most compelling colocation infrastructure possible

One-stop-shop, racks, cabinets, pods, data halls, hpc, high density, scale
One stop shop

We design data centers you can grow with. Every step, we will be there to help you scale within our infrastructures

Simplified onboarding
Simplified onboarding

No cumbersome implementation. Tested equipment prior to delivery. Streamlined internal processes. Those key points allow us to make your life easier


Efficiently optimize your deployment and maximize the performance of your data center services with our transparent portal which provides real-time utilization data and advanced analytics

Renewable energy, eco friendly hydroelectricity
Powered by Green Energy

The electricity powering our infrastructure is composed of 100% of renewable hydroelectricity. We also maximize the use of free cooling to reduce our carbon footprint

Smart pricing, transparent invoicing
Smart pricing

Our approach to colocation is centered on the customer. We can accommodate various types of needs from Edge Computing (1N) to Fully Redundant (2N) configurations

Remote technical support, remote hands
Real remote hands

You will need people onsite to perform tasks on your behalf. Our advanced technical staff can help you reduce your IT cost by doing some of that work for you